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Who We Are Up Front

2022 Rev. Mary Albert.jpg

Pastor Mary Albert

We called Reverend Mary Albert as our pastor in June of 2022. Her successful leadership, guidance, and growth of no less than four congregations prior to her “retirement” led us to bring her with us to lead us into new, “outside-the-box” ways of being the church. As an example of this vision, she brings her experience as one of the co-founders of Lydia’s House, a transitional housing program for abused women and their children.

Mary spent over a decade as a young adult being “spiritual but not religious,” searching for an alternative spiritual path. Her journey eventually led her back to the church, where she found her path by following in the footsteps of Jesus as her guide. Jesus taught disciples how to pray, how to serve, and how to create life-giving community. This is what she feels called to do with us.

On a personal note, Mary loves singing and listening to music, gardening, and enjoying the beauty of National Parks. She and her partner, Gail Ahumada, live in Benton Park with their rescue cat Bobby.

2022 Praise Team and Steve Tate.jpg

The Praise Team with Steve Tate

(l -r) Rich Hudson, Hannah and Alexis Misselhorn, Steve

Steve Tate - Director of Music

Steve and the Pastor work closely together to offer blended worship services that include praise songs as well as traditional and contemporary hymns. Steve likes to keep the music fresh and upbeat. The praise team adds guitar and vocals to help lead the congregational singing. When asked what he's learned over the years in this role he responded, “Music's a more important part of the worship experience that we ever thought. It's crucial because it speaks to the soul.”

Do you have a musical gift you'd like to share? Steve loves including newcomers either for a special occasion or on an ongoing basis. Do you play a beat box, bass, flute, cello or another instrument? All the better! Let Steve know.

Steve also serves as Trinity’s Office Administrator. He's usually in the church office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m., and he'd be happy to answer questions and assist you in connecting with Trinity’s ministries.

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