Trinity United Church of Christ
St. Louis, MO
Our Mission Statement and Objectives Define
Who We Are

Our Mission Statement is:

We, the members of Trinity United Church of Christ in St. Louis, Missouri, believe unity is a keystone to living in the body of Christ. Therefore, we live as authentic Christians who embrace our humanity without ignoring God's spirit, accepting all as members of God's family. From this foundation, we share in God's work through hospitality, outreach, and cooperation, using our creativity, passion, and talent to proclaim the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We welcome all to join us in this endeavor.

Our Objectives are:

To confirm our affiliation and belief by:
    - following the tenets of the United Church of Christ,
    - becoming and remaining an open and affirming church,
    - improving the perception of the UCC in the community and the congregation, and
    - overcoming resistance to change.

To improve our community outreach by:
    - participating in neighborhood and other churches' events,
    - advertising, fundraising, and the use of social media,
    - offering the use of church facilities to outside groups and organizations,
    - developing and maintaining a safe church policy, and
    - developing and maintaining transportation and notification plans.

To provide for our congregational ministry by:
    - improving membership and hospitality,
    - maintaining and improving connections with shutins and those who cannot attend,
    - attracting new and younger members,
    - developing and maintaining senior programs,
    - developing and maintaining educational programs for adults and children, and
    - identifying, using, and recognizing the abilities of congregation members.

To maintain our organization and structure by:
    - developing three- and five-year financial, capital improvement, and operational plans, and,
   - re-planning every three to five years.